I transcribed and arranged this version for guitar of Invierno Porteño on listening to the 1970 recording of the album "Concierto para Quinteto" by A. Piazzolla.

I tried as much as possible to highlight in the arrangement the individual improvisations of the different wonderful soloists like the one on the piano by Osvaldo Manzi, or the viola by Antonio Agri.
The spirit of tango and the music of J. S. Bach coexist in this work that is built by the author on a bass of Passacaglia clearly evident in the last of the eight sections. In this last section the viola, the Bandoneon and the electric guitar of Cacho Tirao dialogue in a counterpoint of Bachian style that first flows into a last last dance in 4/4 and then disappears in the cold of winter with the pizzicati that recall the Antonio Vivaldi's famous winter opera.