GME is a new way of understanding the learning of music and the instrument through the full time relationship between the Master and the Student.

The greatest teacher and musician of all time was probably J.S. Bach. The students lived in boarding houses in his house, studying, eating, sleeping and breathing the same family atmosphere as the Master. Bach himself made a journey on foot to go to study with D. Buxtehude, of whom he had discovered compositional techniques and secrets, staying for a month in his home.

There are a lot of very good Academies and Advanced Courses  in Italy and abroad. In these the lessons are structured as in a classroom of the Conservatory where the student not only gets the Master's lesson but listens to the other lessons on the individual pieces. This excellent formula, consolidated over time, often has the advantage of not causing too much stress to the student (except at the time of its performance) and of providing information on pieces that the student may study in the future.

The relationship with the teacher (apart from the dinner at the end of the course or the moments of pause between one lesson and another) therefore ends during the meeting in the classroom.

 There will be only two participants in GME: Teacher and Student, thus setting the goal of creating a total synergy between them.

Lessons may be in Italian or in English for foreign students.

For two days, with four modules of three hours each (12 total hours of lessons), the student will have the opportunity to:

- Reside full board in the Master's house

- Perform your own repertoire

- Analyze the score

- Approach the most suitable fingering

- Deepen the phrasing

- Have knowledge of relaxation techniques and body control

- To study "together with the Master" both more complicated passages than

   basic and advanced technique through exercises and guitar secrets.

- Know how to arrange and transcribe for guitar.

- Record (optional) in the professional studio one of the tracks studied with mixes and masters included.

Periods: between September and May with dates to be agreed

Arrivals: Vasto sud exit of the A14 motorway 2 km - Railway station 1 km from the house.

The location is my home in Vasto Marina in Abruzzo, located 30 meters from the sand dunes of the beach, where the student will have his room with bathroom, the possibility of jogging, Sup (Standing Up Paddle) and biking. .

The meals I prepare will be of the Abruzzese tradition with typical products of the Vastese area (do not miss the “Pasta alla Chitarra with Ventricine sauce) with Barbecue.

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